“Today is the day to use those moments of massive challenge as a springboard to expanding conscious awareness. Becoming aware that we are just sentient beings on this planet--beings who have had experiences designed to catapult us into new sets of values, beliefs, and actions--can be a beautiful thing. If we can find the courage, energy, and awareness to alter our beliefs, we will change our lives.”

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Rod Raymond's long-awaited book, Movin' On, creatively shares with you easy to follow strategies for overcoming the challenges in your life. He leads you away from the negative energy and problems you may have run up against towards more mindful reflection.

While studying for his doctorate with some of the best and brightest gurus in transpersonal psychology, Rod learned how effective a purposeful and energetic mindfulness practice can be in transforming lives. In this book, he challenges you with stories, powerful mindfulness techniques, and strategies you can implement to immediately become a better version of yourself.

If you are going through some challenging life situations, your opportunity for lasting change is now! This book will take you high, and it will take you low. You will learn to retrain your inner voice and control the mystical energy that creates success and happiness. After all, it is your life -- live it subconsciously on purpose!