As an author, athlete, father and achievement coach, ROD RAYMOND has been in the business of helping others help themselves for over 20 years.

To Rod, life is an adventure that should be lived inside out versus outside in. It is this belief, and a passion for wellness that led him to tour the globe as an international public speaker, endurance racing champion, and experience seeker.

Rod lives on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, where he bikes, hikes, skins, swims and hosts fitness activities for youth and families.

He is an entrepreneur and historic preservationist, with several businesses including Minnesota’s number-one rated brewpub, Fitger’s Brewhouse Brewery and Grille in addition to several other successful restaurants. Recently, he turned over his yoga studio, Evolve Duluth, to the ownership of the Evolve Duluth nonprofit organization. Their mission is to expand fitness opportunities to all, including underserved groups in the community, through a series of grants and scholarships. Rod is also currently a doctoral student at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Navigating his own challenging crucibles has amplified Rod’s belief that every person has the power within to not simply survive difficult life experiences, but to use those challenges as catalysts for living a more meaningful life.

Hello Friends,

As I reflect on 2018 and embrace 2019, I am blessed to say that the happiness related my life/work continuum has been nothing less than challenging, yet nothing more than totally fun! We are truly living in an era of unprecedented opportunities. The spiritual growth, environmental changes, and the ever-changing human conditions are leading us to reflect more than ever before. 

My new book Movin' On is my latest endeavor to address this new dynamic. It’s now available on Amazon or paperback. Writing this book has been both cathartic and sanctifying. If you or someone you know is looking for some effective ways to enhance the joy and meaning in life, you may find this book helpful. I began writing it as an assignment for one of my PhD classes in Transpersonal Psychology at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California and decided to keep going. I hope you enjoy it.

My son Beau Raymond has taken over the Duluth Brewhouse beer distribution arm of the company and is thriving. 

My son Jack Moran is a senior in Tampa Bay, Florida and has applied to several top tier colleges. He recently received his Eagle Scout award and was featured in the local paper with his dog Rusta. Their relationship is magical.

My latest business venture is the Brewers Garage, located in the Historic Arts & Theatre district of downtown Duluth. This multi-use facility will be used for the Brewhouse's grain storage and play host for various music and private events.

Evolve Duluth is a yoga, spin, and fitness studio. It has gone through a leadership and mission change and will continue to offer the fitness tribe meaningful and effective exercise and movement options while entering the role of nonprofit community service.